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Crustless buttermilk pie recipe

YUM!  This is one of the simplest and yummiest desserts, ever!

It came to me via my cousin, Alisa and it’s either our grandmother’s recipe or Alisa’s mom’s (my aunt).



Crustless Buttermilk Pie

Colored pencil tips


I’m not sure when I came up with this idea (or even if it was really my idea in the first place), but it has been very helpful for us.

Sharpen both ends.

It’s really quite simple. Though a tad time consuming when it’s time to sharpen, they don’t need to be sharpened nearly as [...]

Christmas tree photography

I have read some tutorials lately to help me learn how to take better photos of my Christmas tree – they help with photos of other lights, too – so I decided to share some of my successes with you.

Note: I have had my DSLR for about a year and a half and am by [...]

Homeschool hurdle

I’m sure at one point or another every homeschool parent has faced some struggles or hurdles. I am currently one of them.

I’m wondering… What (if anything) do you allow your children to do/work on during read aloud time?

I am dealing with two drastically different personalities – both are boys and the younger one is only [...]

My husband - he's a keeper

My birthday was Monday. Michael was scheduled to leave on Sunday for a 2 week TDY and wouldn’t be here for my actual birthday so he planned our traditional birthday celebrations for Saturday afternoon.

Saturday evening, after the children had given me their hand made birthday cards and our traditional store-bought birthday cake, Michael sent Eli [...]

Encouraging Creativity

We have a box of packing paper (large sheets of plain newsprint) that’s been sitting in our garage for a long time and I really just got tired of shuffling it around, so I decided to put it to use.

We were working on a craft at our school table last week that required the use [...]

Deployment is upon us... again

Dear friends, I would love your prayers as we embark on another deployment.

We have the rest of this week with Michael – as he’ll be leaving for a 2 week pre-deployment training on Sunday – and then we’ll only have approximately one week with him when he returns before he leaves for 6 months.

If you [...]

My Christmas Mantel

It’s been several years since we’ve lived in a house with a mantel and I’ve never really done a theme or seasonal decoration for the mantels we have had in the past.

So, this year, I thought I would put together something.  My goal was to take my time and choose fabrics and items that I [...]

Three years ago

Three years ago, I gave birth for the third time.  But that third time would also end up being my last   I never planned on the 3rd being the final, so knowing that I, most likely, will never do the baby years again has really shown me how to cherish them.  I’m sad [...]

Where were you...

… on that life changing day?

We were living in Oklahoma on an Air Force Base at the time.  I was actually driving to work at a small law firm when the radio was interrupted with the news of a plane crashing into the north tower.  The news caster (who was just the regular DJ) was [...]

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