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Homeschooling and Cancer

Four Months of Hair Growth

15 Years

September, 2014 – Air Force Memorial, Washington, DC

My dearest Michael,

15 years ago you promised to always be mine. Sometimes I wonder if you really knew what you were getting into!

These 15 years have flown by like a flash. But in that flash there have been some really long years and some really short years.

We [...]

Three Months of Hair Growth

April 1, 2015

I’m quite pleased with the way my hair is coming along! I am pretty sure it’s already thicker than it was before I ever started losing it (I think a lot of it has to do with the essential oils and supplements I have been using)! However, though I did have some, [...]

How I Used Epsom Salt and Essential Oils During Chemo

Cancer, more specifically, chemotherapy, was a beast. I wrote about some of the ways it affected me, but I really didn’t have much energy for telling too many of my tales.

I found myself very achy and physically exhausted most days. I’ll share more about how I used essential oils topically and aromatically in [...]

How Audio Books are Saving My Sanity

I have been a big fan of audio books for our children for a few years now. It started with the purchase of an Adventures in Odyssey boxed set (about 12 hours worth of audio) for a trip to Florida during the time we lived in Colorado. Prior to living in Alaska, I would regularly [...]

Post-op update

Surgery was last Tuesday and I’m doing really well.

Prior to surgery it did take three different anesthetists five tries to get an IV in me. But, that’s fairly normal for me.

And the anesthetist that did my anesthesia was wonderful. As we discussed the severe nausea and vomiting I experienced after my mastectomy, he came up [...]

Surgery Again, Tomorrow

Two Months of Hair Growth

The Logistics of a Breast Cancer Journey

When I say logistics, I’m talking about the sheer amount of information that suddenly came flying at us on that crazy day back in August when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The surgeon who gently and compassionately told me of this diagnosis gave me one very helpful, tangible piece of advice that stuck with me [...]

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