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Surgery Again, Tomorrow

Two Months of Hair Growth

The Logistics of a Breast Cancer Journey

When I say logistics, I’m talking about the sheer amount of information that suddenly came flying at us on that crazy day back in August when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The surgeon who gently and compassionately told me of this diagnosis gave me one very helpful, tangible piece of advice that stuck with me [...]

Things I Miss About the Lower 48

Races and Another Surgery

The Hair Situation

January 1, 2015

The hair on my head has been a hot topic around my house lately! It is growing quite well and there are noticeable changes every day!

At the turn of the year, this is how I looked.

There was a little hair there, but I had shaved off all the scraggly bits so it [...]

Why I Share So Much

What's Next?

Christmas in a Different Light

What's Next?

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