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Chemo, week 1

I find that I’m slacking updating here. After I update on Facebook, I tend to forget there are those of you that are following along here because we aren’t friends on Facebook, or you don’t use Facebook. Sorry for the lag.

I had my first chemo infusion on Tuesday of last week. It’s not [...]

September 10 update

I never intended for this blog to end up like this. I wanted more than to just be updating you on my cancer diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be working in much  more than that in the weeks and months to come.  We have friends and family all over the world and [...]

Continuing On

The view from our front porch – Alaska!

I’ve experienced that moment where you realize that life goes on. I have heard people refer to this when facing a life changing situation, but had never felt the impact of such a realization.

It’s true though, in the midst of really trying to wrap my brain around [...]

Important information about my heatlh

Dear family and friends:

I realize that a mass blog post (though some of you have already seen this information in an email or on Facebook) isn’t the most personal way to inform everyone of some important information, but we decided since we have loved ones all over this world, this would be the best way [...]


It’s been an interesting year so far for us!

Late last year, we found out we were likely moving to Alaska in the spring of 2014!

I’ll keep a long “red tape” type story short and tell you that as of May 20, 2014, we are now living in Anchorage, Alaska!

It was a long journey to get [...]

Mothering Teyond the Trenches

Alternate title: “Mothering is HARD”

This is for all you mamas out there in the trenches of mothering littles:

A few days ago I had a pretty awesome realization while I was showering. Isn’t that always how it works? I seem to do my best thinking in the shower! I was retracing the morning’s events. My husband [...]

Grocery shopping with littles

Let me be the first to say that I am NOT a fan of shopping with my kids in tow.  My brain has trouble processing coupons and deals with other things going on.  It’s not fun for me, but being a military wife sometimes necessitates I take my kids along – otherwise while Michael is [...]

Packaging cookies to send to a deployed service member


Homemade treats are some of my husband’s favorite comforts while he is deployed. He especially loves these Double Chocolate Cookies from The Farm Girl! They are moist, chocolaty and so very yummy! And they ship well!!

While he was deployed earlier this year, I sent him a couple of batches of them and all of the [...]

Military Spouse Appreciation BlogHop

Welcome visitors from the Military Spouse Appreciation Bloghop! I’m happy to have you! If you’re not familiar with this bloghop, it is for Military Spouses and takes place on Military Spouse Appreciation Day (today!) hosted by Riding the Roller Coaster and Household 6 Diva. However, you don’t have to be a military spouse to show [...]

Deployment Blues

Easter 2012

I had lofty goals for this deployment. Things I wanted to do with this blog (ie – reviving it!) and available opportunities that I wanted to get involved in, but to say that my life has taken a different route would be an understatement. I’ve hardly posted anything here since Michael left and [...]

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