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Colored pencil tips


I’m not sure when I came up with this idea (or even if it was really my idea in the first place), but it has been very helpful for us.

Sharpen both ends.

It’s really quite simple. Though a tad time consuming when it’s time to sharpen, they don’t need to be sharpened nearly as [...]

My little herd

chickfila collage.jpg

Friday was Chick-Fil-A’s annual cow appreciation day!  It’s been a couple of years since we’ve participated, so I decided it was time for me to be more intentional in being “fun mom” – sadly, I’ve not been very good at that.  Judging by the way this went, I’m thinking I made the correct choice!!

I decided [...]

What to do with those old military uniforms

We now interrupt this scheduled blogging break to bring you a lovely craft project.

The USAF has been in the process of implementing new uniforms for a couple of years and the changeover will be complete next year.  When you deploy you are required to wear only the new uniform.  This meant that Michael was issued [...]

Cow appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A

Today was cow appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A. If you dressed like a cow, you got free food! The only rules/regulations were if you were ‘cowed’ from head to toe you got a free meal of your choosing and if you were only ‘cowed’ on a part of your body (ie. cow mask or hooves and [...]

I got the fabric for Rachael’s room!!

I was sooo excited when I checked my mail on Friday and found this:

Isn’t is just so lovely?

It’s 5 yards of Michael Miller, Spa Far Out Floral fabric. The background is chocolate (in case you can’t tell in the photo).

My to do list for the completion of Rachael’s room is as follows:

* Put up [...]

Another quilt

This one was quite a bit less time consuming.

It’s just basic squares and rectangles and is a bit smaller than the last one. There’s no batting in the middle, so it’s also much lighter, but won’t be as warm.

But, isn’t is just sooooo cute and cuddly looking!?

My first quilt

I have to say that I am proud of myself on this one! I have been sewing for several years. I am about 95% self taught and the other 5% comes from watching my grandma and one of my aunts sew while growing up. I think my grandma was even a seamstress at one [...]

The week in photos: Art

Jacob’s fish. Notice the spot where the eye is suppose to be – Eli got to it…..

Jacob’s pipe cleaner man. He did this all by himself following my lead!

My pipe cleaner person.

Lady bugs. On the left is Jacob’s creation and on the right we have the creation of Eli!

Jacob’s crown from [...]

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