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Three years ago

Three years ago, I gave birth for the third time.  But that third time would also end up being my last :(   I never planned on the 3rd being the final, so knowing that I, most likely, will never do the baby years again has really shown me how to cherish them.  I’m sad to say that I didn’t cherish them nearly enough with my other two.  I’m thankful God sees fit to forgive and help me recover what I potentially lost with my first two during those first couple of years.

I am in awe of this little girl!  She is so grown up to be only three (but, oh, she also shows plenty of signs that she is, in fact, a toddler!).  Now, though, we have bid a bittersweet farewell to the baby years ::sigh:: and are fully embracing the “big kid” years in our home.

This “big girl”? She’s my constant companion.  Following me around as I “homemake.”  She wants to roll the dough, clean the mirror, fold the towels, serve daddy cookies and wipe up a spill.  She’s learning the role I hold so dear.

But, do you have any clue what else she’s learning? Mhmm.  Yep, she’s learning all my faults and weaknesses, too.  Friends, it’s an eye opener to have your tiny daughter speak to you the way you’ve undoubtedly spoken to her (or her brothers) or huff when she’s less than thrilled about a task.  So, as much as she’s learning from me, I’m learning from her.

Learning how to be a better Christ follower, how to truly love and go about my daily life with a meek(er) and quiet(er) spirit (1 Peter 3:4-5), how to be tender, give to others selflessly, be a better wife and a better mom (Prov. 31:10-31, Matt. 5:16).  It’s interesting how God chooses to use even the smallest among us to help us grow in Him.  I’m thankful that He knows those plans (Jer. 29:11) and that  if I trust in Him, He’ll guide me in obedience.

These last three years have seemingly flown by and been drawn out, all at the same time.  I pray that I’m being a good teacher and encourager.  I pray that I’m leading her in becoming a woman of profound faith and trust in our Father.

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In writing this post, I realized that I never wrote a birthday post about my middle child.  Makes me feel like a terrible mom.  Poor kid.

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