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She's just so different

This 3rd child, first daughter, she’s so different than those boys!  She’s a girl, really, really a girl.  I’ve shown you how she tries to be like mommy in the kitchen and has a little mama’s heart, but she’s so much more than just my little shadow.

I know that God has big plans for her and I’m already getting glimpses of things to come in her future.  Her innate tender heart, helpful attitude and instinctive mommy-ness are just a few of the ways God is showing His grace.

This little girl has been a blessing beyond compare.  She’s suppose to be the one learning about life (from me…), but, in so many ways, those roles are reversed and God is using her to teach me.

I didn’t know, when I was pregnant with her, that she would be my last baby and, admittedly, I have had a very difficult time accepting that that door has been fully closed.

You see, I know that God is sovereign and He’s got it all under control and that His plans aren’t necessarily what I would plan for myself, but He knows what those plans are and that they serve His purpose (Jeremiah. 29:11; Romans 8:28). Even though I don’t always understand, knowing He loves me so much is quite overwhelming and of great comfort.

I’ve grown so much, as a mom, since Rachael’s birth 2.5 years ago and I’m now able to truly cherish these three precious treasures He’s given us*.  I finally feel that in trusting Him, He has guided me to a place of peace about not having any further children.

It has most definitely not been an easy road, but my eyes are being opened to our future and I have to say, it looks pretty good! Funny how that always works out, huh? Why do I always have to be so stubborn in my thinking rather than just trusting…

Tell me I’m not the only one who is this stubborn, yet exceedingly blessed in spite of myself.

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* Please know that this in no way makes me think I’m a perfect mom or have it all figured out, because I most certainly do not.

* Also, please don’t think I don’t love my other two children or that I’m playing favorites.  That’s definitely not the case. In a way, I wish I’d learned all these lessons a few years ago, but I’m thankful that I now understand what I do and that I can appreciate what I have.

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