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Save yourself a few steps in the kitchen

Why didn’t I think of this (or read it somewhere online) before now?

Last week, I was preparing chicken enchiladas for dinner and had a flash of brilliance (or that’s what I’d like to think!).  I had the cooked, shredded chicken ready to go and as I was assembling the other ingredients for the filling, decided to just dump it all in the bowl together and mix it up.  Then all I had to do was use tongs to fill the tortillas, roll them up, place in baking dish, smother them in more sauce and cheese and pop them in the oven.

My previous method, was SO much more complicated and messy.  I would have 3 separate dishes – cheese, chicken and sauce.  Then I would layer the ingredients into each tortilla prior to rolling them up and loading them into the dish.

We love enchiladas but I haven’t been making them nearly as often as Michael would like, simply because of the time involved.

I feel so silly now.  This literally took me half the time it use to take!

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6 comments to Save yourself a few steps in the kitchen

  • Oh, I so agree! This is a great tip! I do this for burritos, too! So much easier, and the cheese melts everything together a lot better when it’s been mixed in! :)

    • Laura

      I definitely think the cheese held it all together better. The filling didn’t seem to fall out as much when removing them from the baking dish. I’ll also be trying it with burritos next time!

  • eko

    Learning something should never make you feel silly – AND you shared your wisdom! I too (and am, I am sure – older than you) learned this recently too. I have seen recipes for layering the tortillas atop the ingredients – kinda like one does with lasagna, but I just don’t think it seems as tasty as the rolled enchilada dish — so though that would save time I am sticking with rolling.
    Do you make your own sauce?

    thanks for sharing – over from Tammy’s


    • Laura

      I do think they tasted better! And my kids gobbled them up! It’s too bad my husband is away right now, because I’m sure he would be pleased, too. I also prefer them rolled. I’ve had an “enchilada bake” sort of thing before and I do prefer them rolled.

      I do not make my own sauce, I just used canned enchilada sauce. Maybe one day I’ll give it a try, but we have a favorite brand that’s just the right flavor and spice, so I think I’ll just stick with that for now.

  • In the holidays, I made Chicken Enchiladas for the first time. They haven’t been one of Dad’s favourites, but he really enjoyed them! He liked them so much that when we were expecting visitors and I asked him what he wanted me to cook, he said, “Make those…Chicken EnSonatas!”

    Hehe, it makes me giggle every time!

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