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July 2010, Pikes Peak Colorado

Michael left a couple of weeks ago for a TDY to a base in Tennessee. This TDY is a little different in that it’s actually an on-site school/training he has to attend before he can sew on his next rank on June 1.

Prior to him leaving, we discussed the possibility of the kids and I making the 6 hour drive down to see him at some point, but couldn’t make any plans until he knew the course structure and how much his workload would be.

Once he had been in class for a few days we worked out plans for us to go visit in a few weeks, on a weekend when they don’t have a class commitment. And that was that. We carried on with our regular lives during TDYs – speaking by phone daily and chatting on IM any time he had a decent internet connection.

So, imagine my surprise when he called me this past Friday evening around 7:30 and said he was on his way home for the weekend and was about 3 hours away!!  I was shocked and absolutely thrilled!

Michael is an awesome husband and dad and this just makes me love him even more. I am honored that he would take the time out of his heavy workload to come home to spend the weekend with his family! Such an awesome example of a Godly husband and father who really cherishes his family!

It was a great weekend and we were sad to see him go on Sunday afternoon, but definitely thankful we got to spend some unexpected time with him!

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