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She’s my little shadow. Seriously.  I cannot do anything without her following along.  She’s not really a hindrance like some small children can be.  She doesn’t get into things like the boys always did (and sometimes still do).  I can foresee her being an absolute asset in the kitchen in just a few short years so I’m spending these days allowing her to watch and participate as much as a two year old can. Plus, it’s great training for her future!

Here she is all floury while helping me make cinnamon rolls!

Rolling out pizza dough.  She gets a small bit of dough to play with while I work the real thing.  This time she’s practicing her rolling pin skills! She’s actually pretty good at it. Also of note, I learned from the last experience (see photo above) that she really should wear her apron – makes clean up less messy!

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6 comments to Baker-ette

  • So, so sweet. I love seeing little ones in the kitchen! My oldest is a huge help. My middle does pretty well. And i just started letting the youngest help sometimes… she just loves it and you can tell she thinks she’s big stuff! That one is my baby clone, though, so it’s no surprise. ;) I love the focus on her darling face as she rolls the dough- so precious.

    • Laura

      My other two are pretty good helpers, also. But I can’t handle them all helping at once, so we have assigned helping times. Rachael “helps” me with all of the dough baked goods after they’ve risen in the bread machine. The other two alternate helping with other baking projects where they can actually measure and mix ingredients, make batter, etc.

      Like your youngest, she is my clone!

  • So cute. I’ve been planning to make pizza with the kids today if time allows…we’ll see!

  • What lovely photographs – and it is wonderful you are letting your little girl learn alongside you! I taught my son to cook when he was little, and now he is 18 he loves to cook, and is always keen to learn new skills in the kitchen. It also makes for some lovely memories!!

  • And she doesn’t look anything like her mom, does she? :)

    • Laura

      Nah!! Not a bit… We’ve always known she is my exact copy, but I found some pics. of me when I was about 2 and it’s STAGGERING how much she looks like me when I was that age.

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