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Thrown a HUGE curveball

We are in the midst of an unexpected situation.

Papa John with Jacob and Nana Marj with Eli, January 2008

Backstory – Michael is Australian by birth (though he’s now a US citizen) and his entire family (with the exception of his mum) lives in Australia.  We – at the very least Michael – try to make it over every 1.5-2 years for a visit and Michael’s last visit was in June of last year.

On Tuesday morning, Michael received a call from his dad with some very tragic news. Michael’s grandparents had both passed from this earthly life very suddenly in a car accident the previous day.

They were absolutely wonderful people, truly displaying a Christ-like life and cherishing their family.  They treated me just like they treated their own biological grandchildren and I am proud to have known them in this life.  They are loved beyond measure and will continue on in our hearts until we meet them again some day in the place our Saviour has prepared for us.

Nana Marj & Papa John - 60 years together


As you might know, Michael received transfer orders to Ohio and the movers are scheduled to start packing our house on the 25th.

As it stands now, the move has been pushed back by 2 weeks and the movers will start packing our house on 8 NOV (he actually has until 30 NOV to report to the new assignment) and Michael has booked a flight to Australia.  He leaves tomorrow morning.

If could please keep Michael and his family in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated.

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