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Menu Plan - back to normal

Wow, it’s been a crazy month.  My youngest brother was visiting for several weeks, Michael returned from Iraq and then had a couple weeks off work, he went back to work and then my parents came to visit for a few days to pick my brother up. July was also a hot month (with no a/c) and many days left me not wanting to even attempt food (even on the grill) for dinner time.  So, I’ve been really out of menu practice.

It was really nice to have all the visitors, but there’s also something incredibly comforting about having our own space back.

In this week’s menu plan, I’m trying something a bit different for us – I’m planning everything we will eat for the entire week. I’m hoping this goes well for me so I can implement it full time since we are starting school next Monday and I would love for my days to be more efficient.

Breakfast – Cold cereal
Lunch – Chicken pasta salad
Snack – Sliced apples with cheese
Dinner – Out with friends to mexican restaurant
Prep – Thaw chicken breasts

Breakfast – Cinnamon rolls and fruit
Lunch – Bits and pieces or leftovers, fruit
Snack – Cinnamon rolls
Dinner – Aussie chicken, steamed veggies, buttery rolls
Prep – Thaw shredded chicken, Make bread, make granola

Breakfast – Cold cereal or lazy granola
Lunch – leftovers or sandwiches, fruit
Snack – Cinnamon rolls
Dinner – Chicken quesadillas with homemade salsa and sour cream, corn
Prep – Thaw burgers

Breakfast – Eggs, bacon and toast with grandma’s apricot jam
Lunch – Baked chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, fruit
Snack – Granola bars *new recipe
Dinner – Grilled burgers with all the extras, cucumber slices and fruit


Breakfast - Buttermilk pancakes with pure maple syrup
Lunch – leftover burgers, fruit, veggie sticks
Snack – Crackers
Dinner – Grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit, cucumber slices
Prep – Make crackers

Breakfast – Toast, fruit smoothies
Lunch – Tortilla pizzas, fruit
Snack – boiled eggs, fruit
Dinner – Tuna melts, fruit, veggies
Prep – Thaw pumpkin

Breakfast – Pumpkin pancakes – leaving for day trip after breakfast and remainder of food for today will be packed and taken with us
Lunch – sandwiches
Snack – crackers, granola bars, fruit, boiled eggs
Dinner – Chicken pasta salad

I’ll let you know next week how this new planning-everything-we-eat menu works for me.

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