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How many pancakes can you cook at once?

In an effort to make the most of the kitchen gadgets and appliances I already have, I tend to put off purchasing something I really want and would use frequently for a long time (like a year or more). It has been no different in figuring out if I would really get enough use out of an electric griddle…

A few weeks ago, after deciding that having 3 skillets going on the stove with the same thing in each was just too much for me, I realized that it was pretty much a necessity. Different size burners, different pans/skillets, etc. was just frustrating to me. I couldn’t cook enough pancakes, french toast, grilled sandwiches, bacon, etc. at once to prevent me from having to do several batches each time.

So, guess what I did? I purchased this griddle. Guess what else? I didn’t even do a price comparison or even so much as look online. I purchased it for $25 at Super Target and called it good!!

I am in love! I can whip up 8 sandwiches or slices of french toast, 6-8 pancakes, 10-12 slices of bacon, etc. all at one time now! It’s saving me a lot of hassle and time and that to me is worth the $25 I spent on it.

My favorite feature (other than it’s “family” size) is that once you remove the probe/cord, it’s fully submersible (just make sure it’s completely dry before it’s plugged back in)!! That means, even though it doesn’t fit in my sink, I can wash it without fear of getting something electrical wet!!

* Please pardon my photo quality.  My kitchen has horrible lighting and not enough natural light.

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6 comments to How many pancakes can you cook at once?

  • Oooh, I used to have a plug in griddle and loved it! I don’t know what happened to it though. :( I think I want one that can go on the stove over 2 burners. I think they have that? LOL!
    Sherry´s last blog ..Book Club My ComLuv Profile

    • Laura

      Sherry – they do have those and they work pretty well on a stove with a raised element, but I have a smooth top stove and they don’t typically work on those because the griddle has a raised edge.

  • I bought a similar griddle a few years ago with my Kohl’s cash! It’s really a necessity with a family of five! My husband makes pancakes for the kids every Saturday morning and then he fries eggs for the grown ups afterwards! Super great for grilled cheese, reubens, etc. Everyone gets to eat at the same time!!! GREAT purchase.

    PS–I’m so curious why you quit using shampoo. Cost? Ingredients? Personal preference?

    • Laura

      I LOVE it! We had grilled provolone and tomato sandwiches tonight!!! And we eat pancakes about twice a week, so it’s already been worth the $25.

      About the shampoo – I had eczema really bad on my scalp and behind my ears and got really tired of chemical laden shampoos not really working. Plus, I would get buildup and shampooing it so much made my scalp really oily and my oil glands went into overdrive. I heard about the baking soda method on another blog a couple of years ago and finally took the plunge last year. My eczema cleared up in under two weeks and hasn’t been back since. AND I don’t have to clean my scalp every day any more to keep the oil at bay. My body know how much oil is necessary since I’m not stripping the natural oils from my scalp daily. I love it and highly recommend it. And it’s really only about an extra minute of work to prep the mixture before I step in the shower.

  • We make a lot of pancakes at my house. I’m trying to convert from nonstick to cast iron (it’s been painful), although I kind of covet a large electrical griddle. I can make 6-8 at once with my cast iron circular griddle and my 12″ cast iron pan. My mom used to use a big electric griddle like yours all the time — when making breakfast for dinner (usu. french toast).
    Betsy (Eco-novice)´s last blog ..I Love Hulu and Netflix Goodbye- DIRECTV My ComLuv Profile

    • Laura

      I make a lot of pancakes, too! I’ve been downsizing my non-stick collection, as well, but thought this was worth the compromise on – mostly because I have a flat top stove and can’t use a stove top 2 burner cast iron griddle on it. :-( I do love my cast iron skillets and stainless pots, though!!

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